Choosing the right model

We get many emails from customers with questions on witch model is the best, the Shoulder harness or the H-harness, and that isn’t a easy question to answer. Both harnesses are great in their own specific ways, and depending on whom you ask. In other words: It’s a matter of taste. I hope the following guide helps you to make your choice.


Benefits: This is probably the oldest and most used harness in the world of pets, not only for rabbits but also for cats, dogs, ferrets and many more. It’s a easy but functional harness with only three straps:
one around the neck, one around the belly and one to connect and
hold these two in place. The H-harness is probably the safest
harness (if it is used correctly) for rabbits that often tries to escape out of the harness. Young and small rabbits therefore make excellent carriers of this model.

Drawbacks: One of the drawbacks with this harness is the strap around the neck, many rabbits don’t like having a strap around there necks, and some don’t even walk in a harnesses like these because of it. Rabbits are very sensitive in the neck and throat area and can therefore have a negative experience of the neck strap if it puts pressure on the throat. The H-harness also takes a little more time to put on and off on a restless rabbit.

Shoulder harnesses

Benefits: This harness isn’t really a new invention even if it mainly started to be used on rabbits in late 80’s and 90’s. The structure on this harness is also noted on dogs and horses. The thought behind this model is to put the pressure of the rabbits weight and pulling on the shoulder of the rabbit instead of the throat. Because there are minimal strangling sensation on the rabbits neck and throat with this harness the rabbits often prefer this model over the H-harness, if the rabbit has a tendency to pull when walking on the leash. This harness is also (after some practicing) easiest to put on and off.

Drawbacks: This model isn’t quite as foolproof regarding escapes and attempts to escape as the H-harness. Small rabbit breeds and young rabbits are masters of escaping witch demands a safe and firm harness. However it isn’t often a rabbit gets out of this if it is used an putted on correctly. The right size of the harness is also important to avoid these attempts.