Choosing the right size

The length of the belly-straps is specified under each size. You need minimum 2-3cm extra to be able to fasten the harness correct. Remember to allow the rabbit to grow up a bit before you put a harness on for the first time. Rabbits should be at least 10-16 weeks before they wear a harness. Young rabbits can easily get both foreleg and hind leg out of the harness and can hurt themselves if it happens. Always start off easy and be patient with your rabbit.

Size small
Midgets and mini breeds around 1-1,3kg like “lion hooded” or Britannia Petite usually carry small. Also younger rabbits in other breeds may need a small harness when they are young, even if they need a larger size as an adult.
The belly strap is about 30cm in this size.

Size medium
Fits rabbits in size of Mini Lop, Dutch and Holland Lop. If you have a rabbit that is slightly taller or longer but still is fit and slim this size may also fit. Belgian Hare for example can often use this size because it's slim and small around the shoulder and torso.
The belly strap is about 38cm in this size.

Size large
Fits on larger rabbits like Checkered Giants, Rexs and Rhinelanders. If you have a larger breed like French Lop or a giant you may need a even bigger harness. In that case you have to specially order by your own measures. This is easier if you already have a large harness ore can borrow one to measure from.
The belly strap is about 45cm in this size.

If you have a rabbit that is between sizes you can (without extra charge) order a size just between the sizes stated above. For example: if you think your rabbit is somewhere between small and medium you can order a size that’s just between those sizes. When you order you just put small/medium as the desired size, or medium/large if you rather have that. I will then sew a harness that has the measurements just between the chosen sizes.

If you have any questions about sizing your welcome to email us, but start off with measuring your rabbit around the neck and stomach and note the measurements in your mail. I also want the weight of your rabbit (in kg) and what breed it is. It’s nearly impossible for me to guide you to the right size (on other ways than above) if I don’t know the size, weight and breed of your rabbit.

Also remember that you always have the right to return things within 14 days if they’ll don’t fit. This doesn’t apply on products that is ordered “specially made”. Shipping costs regarding returns and reshipping is paid by the customer.