Order to delivery
(How it works, step by step, when ordering from Rabb-it)

The customer must read the terms of delivery before a new order is placed. Conditions can change over time, so be sure to read through them thoroughly before each new order.

1. The customer submits their order.

2. I try to send a mail response within 48 hours on working days/non-holiday, provided that the order contains all the necessary information needed to process the order. If you do not receive a answer within 48 hours, check that you have provided all the necessary information in one (1) and the same email. I only send email answer to the email address that the order is sent from.

3. Payment has to be made to our IBAN or Paypal within 3 working days. Payments made through PayPal reaches us directly, payments made to our IBAN can take up to 5-7 working days. If no payment has reached us within the estimated time, the order will be deleted. NOTE that our delivery time of up to 15 working days does not apply if the payment is made late. If you do not have time or ability to pay within 3 working days: send a new order and await new answer before you pay.

If you need to contact me regarding your order, always include the entire email history of the order so I don't have to look up information in a variety of emails. I will be able to give you a quicker answer if you send the entire email history with your question regarding your order.

4. When the payment is received the delivery process starts. Customers' orders are sewn and sent in the same order in which payments are received. Delivery time is up to 15 working days. It does not mean that it always takes that long, most orders are sent much faster, but sometimes I may have a lot to do or many orders to process at the same time, just be prepared that it may take up to 15 working days.

No estimated delivery time will be given by email. Up to 15 working days applies on all orders!!!!

Note that in extreme cases things can happen that affects the delivery time. Examples of this can be that a tool in the production breaks down and need replacing, prolonged power failure, computer breakdown, illness or accident etc. You will in such cases be notified as soon as possible.

5. The customer receives the order. The envelope/package must be checked immediately. Damage to the package must be reported to the post-office/mail agent immediately. Complaints, cancelations and changes has to be notified within 14 days from the day you receive the order. Always contact me by e-mail and await reply with additional instructions and return address before sending anything back. All shipping charges when canceling or changing a order has to be paid by the customer. The receipt must be sent back with the products so be sure to save it.