How to place an order

This is how you send a correct order. NOTE that orders that do not contain the required information (described below) will not be answered. Questions sent by email relating to delivery, which are already answered in the conditions will no longer be answered by email. The customer is responsible to read, understand and accept the terms before an order is placed.

Start by reading the terms of delivery before sending a new order (required!)

More information:
Delivery time (detailed information about the delivery time)
Order to delivery (more info about the whole procedure)

   This must be included in your order:

   The order have to provide clear information about what you want to order.
   (Preferably in the order: amount, product, color/name, size/length)


   1 Shoulder harness Pink small
   1 Shoulder harness Petrol flower medium
   1 H-harness Purple medium/large
   1 Leash Black 400cm

   I have read and understood the terms of delivery and hereby certify that I approve of them.
   (This text have to be included in your order to certify that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms of     delivery)

   First and Last name
   (First name and surname)

   Delivery address
   (Full address, postcode, city etc.)

   (Required if you order from a country other than Sweden)

Orders are sent to: